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E. David Fischman Scholarship

TL;DR: A prestigious scholarship covering full tuition for Israelis pursuing a graduate degree at a top university in the United States in the fields of Economics, Law and Political Science.

Where: US; top universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, MIT, Princeton (among others)

Field of study: Economics, Law, Political Science

Relevant dates: The application portal opens on February 21, and the deadline for applying is April 1. Interviews take place between May 2-12, and final answers are given between May 16-27.

The scholarship and Israel: The scholarship was created by holocaust survivor Edward David Fischman in his will, to allow bright Israeli students to pursue a quality education in order to help advance Israeli society. Since inception, 85 Israelis have received the scholarship.

Age: No age limit

Criteria for the Fischman Scholarship:

  • The Fischman Scholarship funds Israeli students with the intention of creating a better future for Israel by providing the highest quality of education for Israel's brightest students. Applicants are expected to have finished their military or national service, and to return to Israel following their studies in order to work in their profession for a minimum of five years.

Submission requirements for the scholarship:

  • Description of military or national service and release document ('tuedat shichrur')

  • List of universities and programs the applicant has applied to

  • CV

  • Academic transcript: original sealed document from the university, including GPA and class rank

  • Cover letter: outlining the reasons for applying and intent to fulfil the 5 years of public service after receiving the doctoral degree; 2 pages

  • Personal statement: 1 page

  • Letters of recommendation: 2-3 letters; 1 page each

Application process

The submission window is open from February 21 to April 1. All applications must be submitted through the online portal. Throughout April, the Selection Committee (through the St. Paul Jewish Federation) will review the applications and notify those moving on to the interview stage in the last few days of April. Interviews may be held online or in person, in Israel and in certain cities in the United States. Answers are usually given by the end of May. Scholars will periodically be expected to participate in reunion events.

Acceptance of the scholarship is contingent on certain conditions, such as choosing the least expensive alternative from your program options, acceptance to the degree, agreeing to return to Israel within six months of finishing the doctoral degree and beginning to work in it within one year of obtaining the degree for a period of at least five years. For more details, visit the 2022 application guidelines.

More details

The E. David Fischman was created in 1996 and is awarded annually to Israeli students hoping to pursue graduate degrees at the top universities in the United States. Fischman Scholarship recipients have continued to become Israeli judges, legal advisors and professors. The scholarship aims to foster education opportunities of the highest quality to the brightest Israelis who are committed to using their expertise in economics, law or political science to contribute to Israeli society. The scholarship funds Masters degrees and PhDs - it might prefer students aiming to continue towards a PhD, but is not limited to those.


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