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There are many global scholarships available to Israelis, and they are more accessible than you might think

That's why we founded Scholars Israel: a social initiative to share information, tips and success stories on graduate scholarships at leading international universities, and a community for students, graduates and those interested.

What's the Story

Graduate studies at leading universities are not impossible to reach, nor are scholarships to fund


Our Approach

We believe that education and access to opportunities should be available to everyone, not just a closed club of informed people

By Students, for Students

The Scholars Israel project was established as a social initiative by students and graduates of universities and scholarships abroad

Full scholarships open to Israelis

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United Kingdom Scholarships

Scholarships like Chevening, Rhodes, Gates, and more, can open the door for you to pursue advanced studies in the UK

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Asia-Pacific Scholarships

Want to study in an international environment in Asia? Learn more about scholarships like Yenching and Schwarzman

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United States Scholarships

Every year, the Fulbright Scholarship sends Israelis to study at US universities, along with  other scholarships

Image by Ula Kuźma


Didn't find an information page for a scholarship that's right for you? Looking for more options? Check out our full database

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Want to study in Germany but you don't speak the language? The DAAD Scholarship is also available for programs in English


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The ScholarsIL Facebook Community

Want to continue the conversation with other scholars and applicants? Come join our Facebook community


ScholarsIL's Mentorship Program

The first of a kind program in Israel, providing free mentorship by selected mentors to prospective applicants for leading worldwide universities

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