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Chevening Scholarship

For more information about the scholarship

TL;DR: An international leadership scholarship funded by the British government, for a one-year master's degree in any field and university in Britain.

Where: Any British university

Field of study: All fields of study (as long as the degree is a one year long master's degree)

Relevant dates: Applications open in the beginning of August and close in the beginning of November, studies begin in September-October of the following year.

The scholarship and Israel: The scholarship is open to Israelis. Each year Israelis are accepted to the scholarship, but the official number of how many is unknown to us.

Age: There is no age limit on the scholarship

Criteria for the Chevening Scholarship:

  • The scholarship is a leadership scholarship by definition, but leadership can be defined in many ways: "There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Chevening Scholar, but those who are successful tend to have ambition, leadership qualities, and a passion for influencing positive change in their home countries."

  • Scholars must have at least two years of professional work experience (in Israel, even national/military service can fulfil this criterion).

  • Like all international scholarships, there are minimum language requirements in English, academic/professional recommendations, and proven academic ability, including obtaining a bachelor's degree before the beginning of studies.

  • Scholars must return to their country (Israel in this case) for at least two years after completing the degree.

Submission requirements for the scholarship:

  • Details of academic and professional experience (like a CV, but outlined in the submission system instead of as a file)

  • Selection of three options for degree programs at British universities - these can be different degrees at the same university, or degrees from different universities (whether for degrees in parallel fields or not)

  • Four 100-500 word articles:

    • Leadership and influence

    • Relationship-building and shared learning

    • Studying in the UK

    • Career plan

  • Two recommenders - academic or professional. Please note: In the initial stage, only the details of the recommenders are registered. Letters of recommendation will only be requested if the candidate moves on to the next stage.

Application process:

Applications must be submitted by November 2nd. In early to mid-February, summonses for interviews are sent to candidates who have been found suitable. Those invited for the interview will have to submit their letters of recommendation, as well as their academic references (transcripts / degree eligibility certificate) within about two weeks. Answers on scholarship admission arrive during the month of June.

Please note: in parallel with applying for the scholarship itself, applications for the three degrees specified must be submitted separately! Each degree and university has its own requirements and its own process. In all cases the schedule will match that of the scholarship. If you have been accepted for the scholarship by July 14, you will be asked to submit at least one acceptance letter from the degrees you applied to.

And some more general information:

The Chevening Scholarship is funded by the British Foreign Office and is known as the most central international scholarship among UK graduate students, with around 2,000 scholarships from about 160 countries each year (!). The scholarship can be seen as the British equivalent of the American Fulbright Scholarship, though you may not want to say that to the British themselves.

The scholarship funds almost every one-year master’s degree offered in the UK, and additionally provides monthly living expenses and flight funding. The scholarship has an extensive community of graduates, also in Israel, and it is considered prestigious but accessible to a wider public than other scholarships in its criteria, such as age and the multiplicity of possible universities.

Please note that after the degree, scholars are requested to return to their country for two years - so this may not be a scholarship for someone who has dreams of immediate relocation.


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